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The Great Awakening Novel

Lightworker No. 17

A fictional story set in the backdrop of events of the last few years and what is on the cards for the future...

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There was a fork in the road in Geoff Hurley's life. He went down the wrong avenue, but he was rocketed back onto the path of truth by two wonderful children.

However, that was just the beginning of the journey — and the war. Geoff had no idea how crucial his role would be.

Could the ripples of one man’s actions be the tipping point in saving humanity from the clutches of evil and triggering a new golden age?

Author Bio

Brian Timlin is married with three daughters and is the MD of Irish Golf Leaderboard and QuantumLearning.info. He is also a coordinator in Connecting Consciousness, an organisation dedicated to undogmatically uncovering truth and aligning with the values of peace, love, and personal freedom. Brian is passionate about sport and, in particular, golf, having played it all his life. Though he describes himself as only a decent golfer, he has been as low as scratch and has provincial and national medals. This is his debut novel.

Dear Truth Seeker,

My name is Brian Timlin. I live in Ireland, and the bio above written by my editor tells you a little bit about me.

Why did I write this book? Well, I was gearing up to write a learning program that I’m very passionate about when I kept getting badgered by a voice in my head to write a novel.

What? A novel? I don’t know how to write a novel, I questioned.

And yet it persisted: You can do it. Write a novel.

It wasn’t just that, though. Like many truthers/anons, I had paid attention to everything in the last few years, questioned it all, pieced it together, and built a panoramic view in my head. There’s so much information out there on this subject, but there wasn’t a novel about it — I was itching to get it out in some form so that I could help more people. I felt it could be another angle, something fresh, an overview in the form of fiction concerning what has happened and what is in the cards for the future. So despite my doubts that I could undertake a novel, the feeling was strong enough to give me the belief to start it.

I began and enjoyed the artistic process. I asked questions about who the main characters were, the plot, and what held them together. I meandered my thoughts down in seemingly unrelated sensory detail, and then the answers would emerge. When I had some kind of outline, I just started to write, always going back to my blueprint when things got chaotic or confusing. I kept asking, “What comes next?”

I got to 40,000 words and was mightily happy with myself. In my ignorance, I thought I’d finished the first draft. Luckily, after some research and education, I soon realised my novel’s plot and character development were short of what was required.

I began to flesh it out. I gave a lot more background on the characters, added scenes that would provide more context, and added a love story that was important to the main character’s arc. Now it was around 65,000 words.

I decided an editor would give me the confidence to finish it off. This was my first novel, and I needed a coach, a mentor, and an editor. Michaela Choi from Canada was all three. She was a Godsend. She helped clean up the manuscript, gave more direction on the plot, and made suggestions to help sequence and knit it all together.

The ideas I brought back to her were met with positivity, giving me great confidence to bring it to a standard we were both happy with. It ended up at 75,000 words, and although that’s not the main barometer for when a novel is finished, it is usually a very good pointer.

After seven months, the novel about the great awakening was ready. I have to say I’m extremely proud of the work. It was earned, and I think it can bring a lot of value to many people. I believe truthers/anons will enjoy it a great deal, like those that have read it so far.

And it may be a very valuable tool when all the confusion hits the masses, and your relatives and friends are suddenly looking to you, the ‘crazy’ one who only stuck to logic and facts instead of authority verbiage and narratives, for answers. I hope that Lightworker No. 17, a fictional story, will be a non-invasive way to bring them up to speed quickly.

When the time comes, you can hand them the book and say, “Here, read this.”

Available in ebook, audiobook and paperback versions

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